Our field of Services
CMS Management

We are very good at managing CMS templates and can implement additional functunalities either by suggestion or requirement to help suit every area of your business needs. Also, we can design and create a relational database that is clean, organised, secure and easily accessible.

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Web Development

With considerable amount of knowledge we possess in building executable computer programs, we are able to initiate latest web framework in designing and developing secure, responsive and user-friendly websites, ranging from ecommerce, blogs, services, personal and portfolio websites.

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Graphic Design

We have professional designers that can bring your creative ideas to life by implementing latest software to help you create visual content using various elements such as typography, images, illustrations, and colour.

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Apps Development

We have a team of professionals, including developers, designers and testers that can help with your mobile app's user interface, branding, colours, typography, and layout that determine the core features and functionality of your app.

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IT & Business Training

We provide training to help you acquire knowledge, skills, and expertise required in various areas of Information Technology (IT) and business. Our training can encompass a wide range of topics, from basic computer skills to advanced technical concepts.

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Software Testing

We are professionals when it comes to evaluating a software application to identify defects, bugs, and ensure that it meets the desired quality standards. Thus, help you to improve the reliability, functionality, and performance of the software and your business operations.

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IT Support

Are IT issues slowing down your business? Don't let IT troubles hold you back another minute. Take charge of your technology with our IT Support services and unleash your business full potentials.

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IT & Business Consulting

We provide expertise and guidance to individuals & organisations to help them optimise their technology infrastructure, systems, and processes. Thus, help to improve their operations, strategies, and technology implementations.

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Who We Are:

We're providers of upskill training, IT & Business support services

How we serve you...

We strategise our projects to enhance our ability to meet deadlines effectively
  • Planning Approach

    We break down your project into smaller development cycles (sprints) with well-defined goals and deadlines to help manage workloads and maintaining a steady pace of progress. We prioritize backlog of tasks or user stories and focus on high-priority items first to ensure that critical functionality is delivered on time. We are accurate in estimating our time and implement essential techniques like Planning Poker or Wideband Delphi to involve the team in estimating the effort required for each task.

  • Meeting Deadline

    We usually implement Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban. These frameworks promote iterative development, continuous feedback, and regular progress assessment, allowing us to adjust and adapt as needed to meet deadlines. We have access to adequate and necessary resources, including skilled personnel, tools, and infrastructure, to meet our client’s project's demands. We use automated testing to catch and fix issues early in the development cycle, reducing the likelihood of delays caused by last-minute bug fixes.

  • Project Delivery

    Upon delivery of a project, we try to reidentify and fix potential risks that could impact the project timeline and develop contingency plans to address them. We always maintain open and transparent communication with our team members, stakeholders, and our clients. Thus, allow us to keep everyone informed about progress, challenges, and any potential impact on the delivery date.


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